Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing provides an opportunity for survivors to heal and plan for the future. Friendship Home offers confidential scattered-site and tenant-based Housing First apartments to support survivors as they move towards self-sufficiency. Ongoing case management and supportive services assist survivors in taking the next step toward permanent housing and economic stability.

Friendship Home offers additional financial education classes and peer support groups for adults and their children. Information is provided in a safe and supportive environment. These voluntary groups cover a range of topics; domestic violence, trauma, parenting support, and strengths, providing survivors with the opportunity to validate one another’s experiences, increase their knowledge of resources, and to continue on a path to safety and healing.

“I thought, well, this is my life. This is the level I’ve been at for the last several years; this is how it will be moving forward. Now I see that my situation is just temporary. I have been able to see my options and build resources. I’m getting mightier and mightier.”

– Survivor