Help Change Lives

When women and children are in the midst of domestic violence, they often feel alone and without a safe place to go to escape the trauma. Many believe there is no way to rebuild their lives–to move on.

With your support, Friendship Home can continue to be here for survivors. To offer them possibilities to help change their lives when things are at their worst–to be hope they can feel.

Please join us to empower everyone who comes through our doors to achieve safety and freedom from violence by giving a financial gift, volunteering your time and participating in our events.

Together we can help survivors of domestic violence find physical and emotional safety.

Peace of Mind for Donors

Whether you’re contributing financial resources, in-kind gifts or your time to an organization, you deserve a trustworthy partner and responsible steward.

As the largest and most-used charity evaluation resource in the U.S., Charity Navigator evaluates charities on financial health, accountability and transparency. This allows donors like you to make informed decisions and have third-party assurance that we are committed to our stewardship of resources and our mission.

  • Since 2016, Friendship Home has held Charity Navigator’s Four-Star Rating, the highest rating possible. The rating is re-evaluated every year based on the most recent data.
  • Friendship Home is now one of only five charities in Lincoln and 29 in Nebraska to hold a Four-Star Rating as of Charity Navigator’s 2020 analysis.
  • Our Four-Star Rating indicates how efficiently we utilize financial support, how well our programs and services are sustained over time and the level of our commitment to good governance, best practices and openness with information.


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