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Empowering freedom from domestic violence

Safe Quarters is Happening NOW!

Safe Quarters is off to a great start, but we need the help of the entire community, and you can do that right from your home!  Safe Quarters Teams have started their online crowdfunding pages, and this...


Tori’s Place

Cindy Lange-Kubick: Tori’s Place, a special apartment, honors Lincoln woman’s memory. Many thanks to Ted & Cheri Parent, their late daughter Tori and to our wonderful volunteers, Emily Kent & Debby Portnoy! Read their story here.


DV Awareness Month

During Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, Friendship Home is partnering with 10/11 News for a 5-part series, “Empowering freedom from domestic violence” to bring awareness to domestic violence and Friendship Home’s mission. This news series is...


What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a pattern of physical assaults, threats and coercive behaviors used to maintain control over a current or former intimate partner. Abusive behaviors can include ongoing verbal, emotional, sexual, physical, psychological and economic abuse, and...


We’re Hiring

Friendship Home is currently hiring for the following positions. Full-Time, Bilingual Advocate (Arabic & English) Full-Time, Development Director. When you work for Friendship Home, you’re joining a team of experts and professionals who stand up for survivors...


We are Still Providing Services!

In this time of social distancing, when most of us are finding comfort and safety at home, there are some that don’t find their home safe. Unfortunately domestic violence doesn’t stop for COVID-19, and may often escalate...


A History of Racial Injustice

This Month in History Friendship Home is proud to feature the Equal Justice Initiatives new digital experience of  A History of Racial Injustice that highlights events on this day in history as a set of tools for...


Is Something Wrong in Your Relationship

Do you feel… confused about your relationship? like you are going crazy? that you are “walking on eggshells”? it is hard for you to spend time with family and friends? as if you can’t do anything right?...


Anita’s Story

Anita, mother of two children, aged 10 and 12, had fearfully disclosed to a member of her church that her husband, Brian, was abusing her. That member berated Brian about it, which only served to intensify the...