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Support Friendship Home at These Upcoming Events


What A Great Day!

October 12

Thank you Safe Quarters volunteers and donors! You raised $96,607 for Friendship Home yesterday!! If your house was missed, there is still time to donate. Take donations to any Lincoln Union Bank location or donate online by clicking the "Donate Now" button to the left. Help us reach $100,000!

Purple Purse Challenge

Thank you to everyone who helped and donated to the Purple Purse Challenge! It was a great success and we will have updates on how we did in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Welcome M.A.T.

Join us for one of our Welcome M.A.T. sessions from 12-1pm on the following dates. The presentation is designed to give you a greater understanding of the work Friendship Home does every day. RSVP to or 402-434-0167.

  • Tuesday, October 21
  • Thursday, November 6
  • Tuesday, November 18
  • Thursday, December 4

The NFL and Domestic Violence

Verizon is a Safe Quarters event sponsor. Read what Verizon's CEO has to say about the recent reports of domestic violence involving NFL players. The NFL and Domestic Violence: Let's Use Our Voices for Real Change.

Then join them in the movement to end domestic violence by getting involved in Safe Quarters!

Try Pickit and Help Friendship Home!

Pickit is a new mobile app and has chosen to partner with Friendship Home, among other non-profits to create social change in our community. Download pickit at and choose Friendship Home as one of your organizations to support. Pickit offers discounts at various local merchants. When you use your discount, half of the commission goes to the organization(s) you’re supporting!

Shop at AmazonSmile

If you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will make a donation to Friendship Home. Get started here

Call 402-434-0167 for more information.


Friendship Home acknowledges and celebrates the cultural diversity that has contributed to the history and development of the United States, and further recognizes the importance of reflecting and enhancing that diversity, as well as ensuring such diversity in provision of services and in the makeup of its staff and board. To that end, Friendship Home affirms its commitment to pursue equal opportunity and affirmative action in its employment, services, and activities. Specifically, Friendship Home affirms this commitment to facilitate diversity by recruiting staff and board members whatever their race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, military status, veteran’s status, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation. Friendship Home provides bilingual help or interpreters at no cost, as needed. Immigration status is not relevant to determining client eligibility.