Welcome MATs

Join Friendship Home staff for a one-hour, inspirational Welcome MAT. The presentation is designed to give you a greater understanding of the work Friendship Home does every day with victims of domestic violence and their children. It is truly a welcome mat, leading you through the doors of Friendship Home and into the lives of the families we have served.

* COVID-19 Impact: Welcome MATs are currently being hosted virtually and can be joined from the comfort of your own home.

Welcome MATs are designed to inform our guests of the services Friendship Home provides through three survivor stories, with our multi-layers of support in crisis services, emergency shelter and transitional housing. Be our guest or host a private Welcome MAT of your own, through this engaging opportunity to understand how Friendship Home works to empower freedom from domestic violence.

Private Welcome MAT hosts with 10 or more guests are considered Ambassadors of Friendship Home. Friendship Home Ambassadors are important to the community outreach and expanding our network. By hosting a private Welcome MAT, Ambassadors work to share the Friendship Home mission through their personal connections.

Welcome MATs take place at the Friendship Home Service Center over lunch hours or early evenings. Contact Samantha by email or by calling 402-434-6599 for the latest schedule, or for information on how to host a Welcome MAT, and/or become a Friendship Home Ambassador.