Friendship Home Services


Trained advocates, interns and volunteers offer support, safety planning and advocacy for
women who wish to access safe shelter. The hotline is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pre-Shelter Services

Our staff provides crisis counseling and, if Friendship Home is full, immediate access to other safe shelter options. Staff then assesses each woman’s situation via daily telephone contact until shelter beds are available. Advocates and Case Managers provide counseling, referrals and information services catered to each woman.

Confidential Shelter

Friendship Home provides a safe, confidential, home-like shelter, as well as access to food, clothing, and other basic needs to women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Transitional shelter is provided to residents of Friendship Home who are working to obtain their own homes. Friendship Home provides some financial support for the families working to rebuild their lives while in transition.

At shelter, Advocates and Case Managers work with residents to address needs, as well as to empower them to reach their goals.

Strength Based Case Management

Every woman has individual strengths. The Clifton StrengthsFinder discovers each woman’s personal powers to build on. This provides victims of abuse tools to overcome adversity and take control of the future, whether in their personal or professional lives.


Advocacy is individualized to each woman’s situation and needs. Advocates work with women to address a wide variety of needs. Possible issues faced by women of abuse include: economic assistance, access to medical and mental health services, emotional support, housing options, and safety planning.

Support Groups

Friendship Home offers a variety of support groups for women and for children. Groups work to break down barriers and isolations, offer education about topics such as domestic violence and sexual assault and provide information in a supportive, non-threatening environment. Support groups provide victims the opportunity to validate each person’s experience.

Economic Self Sufficiency

The Allstate Foundation funds Friendship Home’s goal of financial education and empowerment through our work with women in our Emergency shelters and Transitional Housing Programs. Allstate a leader in promoting economic self-sufficiency for victims of domestic violence, developed a curriculum Moving Ahead Through Financial Management to promote emotional well being, self-sufficiency and empowerment. Friendship Home uses the materials with shelter residents in its Economic Empowerment groups and individual counseling, as well as with the Transitional Housing’s SEEDS group.

Children’s Services

The Children in Shelter Project provides moms and their children a supportive atmosphere and access to information and resources to meet children’s needs. Support groups are offered for older children with childcare provided to younger children and infants. The Strength Explorer Group for children aged 10-14 utilizes much of the strength based philosophy available to women. Children 5-9 benefit from many of the education and recreational activities of the Strength Explorer curriculum.

Education and Outreach

Year round, Friendship Home board members, staff and volunteers work to educate businesses, organizations and schools to increase awareness about domestic violence. Friendship Home collaborates with other community partners to improve services to victims and influence and change institutional systems.